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Lifley (life-lee) enables you to build a network through sports, markedly enabling you to leverage knowledge, get inspiration and make connections for a healthier, happier, more prosperous lifestyle. Moreover, Lifley is on a mission to discover and enable talented, dilligent athletes all over the world and unite them through their passions.

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We aren’t just building a social media platform Designed for making moves…

We are building a social movement.

Athletes significantly struggle to get noticed when they aren’t fully developed, or do not know the right people explicitly. Thus the Lifley team are building an ecosystem that bridges gaps between athletes, coaches, sponsors and recruiters specifically – getting you emphatically prepared to try and excel in your favourite sporting disciplines!

Lifley will simultaneously become THE in-person social network, bringing people closer together at events through the power of sports. Lifley correspondingly boosts grassroots participation & retention, nurturing talent to achieve full potential; establishing amateur & professional sports clubs – enabling all to find talent, do business and grow.

The Tools We Are Building For You

An inclusive community of everyone who participates in sport both on-and-off the field, from grassroots to elite


Compiling siloed information from across sports and healthcare to enable greater cross-industry collaboration


Putting you in total control and ownership of your own data, creating new opportunities specifically for athletes


Privacy by design using an encrypted database, 2FA logins, profile monitoring and filtered requests

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By The Power of Sport…

Generally, sport is a philosophy of life which places itself in service of humanity, based on an interaction of qualities of the body, mind and circumstance. Old cultures and societies used sports to bring communities subsequently closer together, breaking down barriers for the sake of enjoyment.
Why reinvent the wheel?

Want to be a pro?

The Secrets of Success


The quality of giving ones best in pursuit of being outstanding


The combined effective and efficient action of a group towards a goal


Admire someone for their abilities, qualities, or achievements


To succeed because of sheer grit and firmness of purpose

Want to be a pro?

The Secrets of Success


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles


An intense desire or enthusiasm for something personal


Unity of action among individuals with a common interest


Train oneself to do something in a controlled habitual way