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About Us

An Open Letter From The Founder

Athletes of all shapes and sizes,

Lifley is an embodiment of grassroots community activation, with the intention of creating new social and economic opportunities for sportsmen and women around the world. By uniting real people within a sports or health and wellness remit, we aim to create a bespoke international community equipped for tangible personal development.

Suitable for enthusiasts of any ability or background, we connect your talents with diverse opportunities in sports by maximising and marketing athletic potential. As a newly minted technology company Lifley is also designed to break down injustices in the data economy. By giving you ownership of your own information we will enable you to earn money in new ways. In the process, democratising data governance for everyone in the Lifley network.

As a semi-professional rugby player, community youth coach and amateur sport club committee member myself, I too know the hardships of the journey. For emerging athletes there are many hurdles to stride. From breakthrough contacts, nerves, bespoke training plans, limited career advise, access to finance, lack of recruitment or time constraints. It’s a tall mountain to climb. So we spawned the idea for Lifley as somewhat of a sporting lifestyle Sherpa. We’re here to help you find the pathway to personal success, celebrating every victory and loss with you. No matter how big or small!

Based in the rural heart of The South West of England, Lifley’s roots are deeply tied to the natural world. Through our business activity, marketing exploits and public events we will promote total immersion in the outdoors. We want to inspire action and adventure as a lifestyle. In an age of life threatening climate adversity, understanding our impact and responsibility has never been more important!

Climate change also impacts sports, with damage to playing surfaces from drought, floods and pests; lack of winter snow threatening low altitude resorts; unseasonal rainfall forcing cancellations; increasing storm frequencies damaging infrastructure; algal blooms in natural water sources limiting direct contact; heatwaves leading to exhaustion or injuries from harder surfaces. By sharing our experience with nature, we hope we can shine a true light on real world issues and provoke healthy behavioural change at a societal level.

As an early stage business, Lifley is still developing all of the essential working parts needed to create our wholesome vision of an integrated sporting world. Although we have crossed some significant bridges already, there is still much to be done. Our greatest priority right now is growing our network to generate wider awareness of our movement, kickstarting the foundations of a global community.

So what are you waiting for? Join us. We’re all in it together!

To the best of health,

Alex Pike

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