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The Dream Team

When a team dares to dream, it’s only as stong as each link in the chain. Our company is forging unbreakable links to a chain so mighty, it can catapult the boldest of dreams into life from the deepest of depths…



An outside-the-box box ticking technician with more techniques than a technical talk from TL;DR.

John 'Max' Maxwell : Lifley : Advisor COO


Advisory COO

A man so sharp he cuts his own name in half, Max is well equipped for quips and tips.


Advisory CTO

If brains came in boxes, Chris’s is a mystery box that boggles even the brightest of minds.


Advisory CFO


Advisory CMO

The only thing quicker than a new market is a marketeer, Alex proves that the Law 4D future.


Advisory CSO

As Point of Sale hardware goes, Bentos is as hard as it comes. We would buy what he’s selling…


Advisory CAO

The Old Man & The Sea’n it all before, George says age is a number; so write about it.


Advisory CCO

This is what we do best!

Lifley is a tool for people to come together and build new communities tailored towards personal development and progression across all sports – with us you can connect to industry professionals, personal advisors, colleagues, friends and even competitors to grow your personal network with aspirational intention!

Lifley is intended for more than just athletes alone. Lifley is the go to social site for anyone who wants to get fit or get active – whether you need help to improve your lifestyle; adapt training approaches; learn new skills; be held accountable; build a professional brand; understand contracts and negotiation; get the right insurance; find access to new opportunities or plan for life and a career after sport.

Lifley helps establish amateur or professional sports clubs and organisation by integrating newcomers to find clubs and activities in a local area. Our service overcomes some of the barriers to entry for marginalised groups enabling us to strengthen communities. We will not only help them to find talent, but also enable them to interact with other stakeholders and find real synergies with the wider business community.

We’re building a community where everyone has an equal chance of success and is respected by definition. A “Lifleyhood” is home for people to express and develop themselves without fear of judgement, where trust and integrity are both fostered and rewarded. The right culture will help facilitate specific introductions to relevant people, helping you squeeze out that extra 1% on the competition to get noticed by the big guys!

Click here to read an open letter from Alex, the founder.


Just don’t forget,
Dream Big,

but start small…

Our mission is to help you to become your best self, assisting you to live as healthy, happy and prosperous a life as possible. In the process we will seek to find talented, hard working individuals and unite them through activity all over the world!

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