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We are building a commuinity where athletes and experts come together to meet and support one another. Get answers to burning questions, learn new skills, participate in growth challenges and much more … Join our private sports development community of fitness, wellbeing and skills professionals to reach for your maximum potential!

Whether you need support with a new aerobic fitness regime; a new diet to lose extra belly fat; nutrition advice to improve performance; strength & conditioning training; sport specific skills coaching; personal branding guidance; a physiotherapist to work out the aches or some lifestyle and wellbeing guidance, just to keep you grounded…

This is the place for you!*

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Join THE Sports Development Network!

Our early-bird community provides value for anyone seeking or providing sports development services, but not all the benefits of Lifley’s native app. It facilitates interactions between athletes 18 y/o+ (amateur or professional) and a network of medical experts, personal trainers,
qualified coaches and experienced advisors:

Career Advisors

Equipped with sport specific or general knowledge of career pitfalls and opportunities, ready to share their experience and rich insights to guide your way to professionalism


Clinically approved dietetic advisors professionally advise on specific digestive or metabolic and disease related malnutrition, licensed to assess, diagnose and treat

Mindset Coaches

Sometimes referred to as sport psychologists, can equip you with a growth mindset to handle high aspirations, demanding expectations and new commitments


Not to be confused with dieticians, nutritionists will help you track those macros and deliver personalised meal plans to optimise your performance goals

Performance Analysis

Prepared to plunder through video archives to analyse your performances and identify key strengths and weaknesses, performance analysts create an in-depth feedback loop

Personal Branding

Preparing you for the trials and tribulations of professionalism, personal branding experts will help you identify a content strategy, tone of voice, network growth hacks and more

Personal Trainers

Your regular accountability mentor will help shape your health & fitness routine, coordinating information from other experts within your performance setup


Helping keep you on the field and preventing other avoidable injuries, they assess both current and underlying conditions to advise other experts on exactly what you need

Skills Coaches

Specialised experts in a specific sport that can help you learn the ropes as you get started or turn you into the best athlete you can possibly be, they have all the top tips

Sport Scientists

Athletes at the very top need to squeeze every last bit of energy, power and awareness out of their performance, these experts will analyse the details to maximise your output

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Here to get your physique in peak condition and adept to your sports specific demands, these experts will combine information to maximise training for competitive performance

Wellbeing Practitioners

Equally important to hitting peak performance is assuring competent rest and mindfulness, allowing the body to regenerate its energy and giving you a holistic lifestyle experience

This is not a portal for scouts, sponsors or agents at this time! 
Anyone who accesses our community whose intentions aren’t specifically related to athletic development in sports, will have their access revoked. In the meantime please be patient and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when our native app will be launched, which will provide full access to an entensive portfolio of inter-disciplinary sportsmen and women.

What To Expect?

When you join the community, introduce yourself to our network first so we can see how best to help you in your personal sports development journey. We’ve created a set of easy to complete prompts which are contained in the left-hand side menu to help you get started! Just don’t run before you can walk; or walk when you can run…

Once you’re in and have had a look around, you can interact with other members via the forums which you can find listed below (plus more). Any of these groups are completely free of charge to sign up, we only charge a very low fee of £2.50/month to access our professional network so we can maintain the system.

You can then begin an induction process for the sport you aim to compete or participate in, for a nominal one off £1 fee to join bespoke sports hubs. Our sports hubs are for sport specific news, due-dilligence, memberships, self promotion, referral connections and helping us learn how we can help each member to grow and prosper!

Here’s the initial list of sports:

American Football
Aussie Rules

Gaelic Football
Ice Hockey
Ice Skating
Martial Arts
Mountain Biking

Road Cycling
Scuba Diving
Skate Boarding
Snow Boarding
Table Tennis
Ultimate Frisbee
Wake Boarding
Water Polo

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Why To Join?

Get ahead of the competition as we ignite a sports development oriented community rebuild! This is an opportunity for specific introductions to build a personal and professional network capable of creating expert career, lifestyle and fitness plans bespoke to your physiology, skills and commitments.

This is not just another pre-packaged fitness app!

You will be joining a group of like-minded active people geared up for community, action, functional challenges and personal sports development. You can find new training buddies, expert advice, exclusive support, event awareness, exclusive offers and inside scoops. The best bit is this is just the beginning, so that’s not all…

Above all, it’s trustworthy here!

The need for professional environments that can be trusted to provide acceptance, development, privacy, and compassion has never been more important. That ethos is the beating heart of Lifley. From that heartbeat flows our community tenets and benefits:


A safe place to ask questions, experiment with new sports, practice skills, commit to challenges, embrace new lifestyles and generally learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection


Relationship building opportunities with like-minded sportspersons that can yield solutions to problems, lead to prosperous connections, and establish friendships


A privacy-first attitude toward all current and future aspects of the community and the content created by its members

A Few More Reasons…

We intend to be the biggest supporters of our own network, so we will be giving the stalwarts of sports development first access to buy shares in our company – as you are the people we are both building it for, and with! As Lifley generates finance and awareness, we will be kicking off a series of open invite local competitions, as well as skills and fitness ability scouting combines – specifically for anyone who is set to get noticed by the big leagues!

We want you at the front of the queue…

The journey is hard, don’t go it alone!

Did we mention our community will be capped at the first 100,000 people to sign up? These people will be invited to participate in the beta tests for our native app and event series, also receiving a goodie bag of branded merchandise once we’re funded! So don’t miss out, and invite your friends – first come, first served…


A community that welcomes members from any background including ethnicity, gender, orientation, neurodiversity, and physical ableness


A focused environment to accelerate learning and networking due to the absence of fluff content, noisy discussion channels, and immature members


First access to new training concepts, content, and other offerings from Lifley and our network