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Why Us

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Our company will not only be defined by our staff or our services, but also by how we seek to address various issues that affect people and our planet. To accomplish this to the best of our abilities, we have outlined 3 meaningful values that will embody our corporate social responsibilities.

Health, Wellbeing and Environment

The sole purpose of Lifley is to enrich people with values through sport to promote health, wellbeing and prosperity, encompassing social and emotional development. With an understanding that our health and wellbeing is directly tied to our environment and the opportunities it can present, environment will also be encapsulated in these priority responsibilities.


Considering Lifley is intended to create synergy between multiple diverse stakeholders, we must recognise the identity of our community by helping them to tell their story. We will strive to preserve and protect the identities of our community, in both the digital and ideological sense under the premises of heritage and equality.


Lifley spawned from the idea of improving something that is not yet perfected, and revolutionising an industry to tailor it to its audiences needs. There are many other industries in our world that need the attention of like minded people who seek to improve the sustainability and efficiency of their activities. As part of this we will encourage innovation and the improvement of processes, products and services.